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Although he is aware of this bias, it creates a partiality that will sway the readers throughout his story and it serves as a minor weakness in his creating style. He makes overarching generalizations several times in his book, making statements that, although may have been true for himself and those all-around him, could possibly not have been true for every prisoner in every concentration camp during the Holocaust. It is very bold to say that no prisoner of Auschwitz, just one within the most well-known and deadly concentration camps in the Holocaust, did not fear death, as death was all all around them and was a very real threat in their daily lives.

Finally, Frankl from time to time becomes too technical and verbose in his crafting style, which makes it very hard for that average reader to understand. An individual example of this is as follows. This sentence, which is overly wordy and complicated, makes it difficult for that average reader to understand exactly what he is saying. The psychological theories that Frankl presents are very interesting and he does a really good job of illustrating these theories with his very own personal experiences. However, his crafting is weakened by the presence of bias, the overarching assumptions he occasionally makes, and his now and then overly technical and verbose language.

However, for several reasons, 1 of which is usually that scholars hold differing views about the relevancy and appropriateness of feminism inside of the musical realm, feminism has not been included as rather quickly in music as in other fields. This critical review article will examine three different articles on this issue and evaluate their contents dependant on a list of criteria.

Each and every from the articles, published in College Music Symposium. The authors discuss the importance of together with a feminist curriculum inside the college setting, noting the positive benefits of by using it during the classroom. Their main argument is the fact that not enough of this type of teaching is being applied in conservatories. A person article is nicely written with supporting details and potential solutions, whereas another two include only general observations and offer no solutions.

Some background about this issue is useful. They felt that this incorporation would fill a vacancy for women attempting to earn a degree. Most people believed that exploring the numerous ways women helped to shape society would result in higher self-esteem among women and give them a more desirable understanding from the world. Now a good number of departments in just colleges have at least a minimal part of their curriculum devoted to women. Feminists spent countless hours convincing departments to incorporate these issues.

It has particularly been a struggle for equally feminists and music departments to agree on what subjects should or should not be included in an by now well-established industry. Bowers, discusses the issues of feminism and its put in music. Published in College Music Symposium. Bowers argues that the "great" male composers dominate music history, and almost nothing is alleged about women composers. According to Bowers, "[T]he scope of musicology is. Bowers goes on to discuss historical ideas about women and their functionality in music. She cites recent discoveries about the influence of women musicians inside nineteenth century.

Also published in College Music Symposium. Mainly because of the lack of research of women in music, teachers are unable to integrate the subject into their curriculum. Even with some research out there, professors are unsure how to try it. According to Woods, whom Cook quotes, "We proceed to operate inside a conservative methodology, whether compensatory or contributory, which is not necessarily feminist and not specifically female.

Rather it tends to relate and relocate women to the accepted canon of decent artists and excellent works" Instead of incorporating women into the canon, Cook believes professors are pushing them to the fringes, like them only when time will let. Cook then mentions numerous studies done not too long ago that have helped advance feminist ideas from the classroom. She feels this can be described as begin the process of, but a whole lot added research is needed in order to force professors into working with the facts in their lectures.

Cook also discusses ways in which feminism has changed teaching styles. She believes the traditional lecture has begun to give way to an open forum, with the teacher leading the discussion. It looks at ways of incorporating feminism into the existing curriculum.

Unlike around the primary two articles, the author does not emphasize research and its importance to changing the curriculum; rather, she focuses on workable outcomes if feminism is applied inside the classroom. Her main argument is the fact the existing music curriculum tend to be enhanced and can lead to an enlightened classroom if feminism is applied.

Throughout the article, Coeyman attempts to justify feminist pedagogy by contrasting it to traditional teaching. Coeyman further promotes feminist pedagogy by discussing its four main principles, which, according to her, include diversity, a voice for everybody, responsibility, and software to real life situations. She suggests several ways of applying these ideas through personalizing classroom lectures, as well as women composers during the canon, and allowing students to "learn by doing" Analysis of Arguments All three of these articles contain similar arguments about feminism and music education.

Number one, the authors believe that way more feminist issues need to get to be incorporated into music lessons. Lastly, Cook and Coeyman argue that feminist pedagogy can unite students and faculty inside and outdoors for the classroom. Bowers states, "If even more than scant attention were being paid to the interaction of music history with social history, too as to the attempt to include music as an aspect of and in relation to culture from the large-areas which are virtually neglected in musicology-women would also become a a bit more relevant subject for study" By this statement Bowers shows her belief that feminist ideas could be incorporated into music curriculum if scholars would exert a very little even more effort.

Both of those Cook and Coeyman agree with Bowers that most music courses do not area enough emphasis on women. The main argument among instructors tends to be that there exists not enough research offered to be able to incorporate it to the curriculum. However, according to others this sort of as Neuls-Bates, "[A]t the current time there are fairly sufficient materials to implement courses about women in music. At the same time neither directly state this, each Cook and Coeyman allude to this idea. Cook closes her article by stating that feminist pedagogy can increase to the overall musical practical experience Coeyman follows the same lines by stating that for example feminism with the classroom can inspire equally students and faculty and can benefit the overall person 77, Bowers, unlike the initial two, does not focus around the education aspect, yet she promotes this idea through her constant emphasis on continued research of women.

Commenting with a survey of articles focusing on women, she states, "Their central concern was the degree to which research on women had achieved a area inside of the mainstream within the disciplines where it had previously been absent" This statement and numerous others throughout the article present her belief that research is important and can improve the overall education of the person.

However, none offer any evidence that this is true. Unity of Students and Faculty Lastly, the articles by Cook and Coeyman offer the idea that feminist pedagogy can unite students and faculty. They both of those propose this through discussion of alternative classroom teaching techniques. Cook suggests that a further nontraditional lecture format can furnish an encouraging atmosphere in which students can learn. She states that nontraditional teachers can " help all students to get a hold of their very own answers and give birth to their private ideas" Thus she is arguing that if teachers use feminist methods, they will stimulate students to think for themselves and producing superior communication with the classroom.

Coeyman also argues that letting students become way more involved during the classroom permits far better communication around the professor and student, making a feeling of shared power 83 , again a feminist method. By emphasizing these and other feminist methods, like as a relaxed, non-threatening classroom encounter, these authors promote the belief that feminist pedagogy can bring the professor and student together.

Although all of these articles offer well-supported arguments, they also have weaknesses. At times many of them appear to lack good solutions to the problem, tend to reveal bias towards the feminist viewpoint, and may exaggerate the oppression of women composers in music. Bowers, in particular, fails to offer a dependable treatment as to how to incorporate a great deal more feminist issues into the music history curriculum. Although she suggests alternatives to research in music, she omits discussing solutions to changes during the existing curriculum.

Like Bowers, Cook also neglects to give any solutions to the problem. She focuses over the differences involving traditional teaching and feminist pedagogy, discussing available varieties of alternative teaching methods. Though she notes that change is necessary, she fails to offer suggestions as to how these changes could be integrated into the classroom In contrast to the for starters two articles, Coeyman does focus on conceivable ways to begin incorporating feminism into music courses.

All three articles are also infused having a bias towards feminism. In her article, Bowers portrays this bias when she states, "However inadvertent the neglect of women ensuing from these patterns of musicological research, the result has perpetuated the myth of female insignificance" Her use from the words "neglect" and "female insignificance" display her good feelings about feminist issues.

Cook and Coeyman use this same type of wording in their articles, but also reveal their bias through ignoring the positives of traditional teaching. They comment only relating to the negative aspects, making their suggestions appear to be extra valid. Coeyman most definitely employs this tactic when she describes ways to change traditional lecturing.

For instance, as quoted before, she labels traditional studies as "static," "context-free," and "dictatorial" By by making use of these terms she degrades standard teaching and enhances her have ideas about alternative methods. Every single author also exaggerates the oppression of women musicians inside of the nineteenth century. This statement is only partly true. Clara Schumann was a particular example of the woman who composed and performed across Europe. According to Green, "Clara Schumann. Some other women musicians had been also well-respected while in the music discipline like as Fanny Mendelssohn, Cecile and Natalie Chaminade, Amy Beach, and Sofia Gubaidulina.

Bowers fails to acknowledge the impact these women had on music and ignores the freedom they had in performing and composing. Cook and Coeyman do not directly exaggerate the oppression. However, they often allude to it. Even when neither openly state it as Bowers does, they nonetheless assume that all women ended up excluded from music and have just just lately begun to be accepted.

According to the College Music Society, for example, "To combat the trend toward tunnel vision [in music] and to ensue that students and faculty integrate knowledge from many different disciplines, educational prerequisites require to be expanded and reinvigorated" 6. This critical analysis has considered three different articles. Just about every article focuses for the issue of feminism and its location from the college music setting.

Bowers and Cook start looking within the research aspects, observing that a lack of research inhibits inclusion of women on the classroom. Coeyman concentrates over the importance of like women in history lectures and offers you suggestions for alternative teaching methods. While you are all three articles are nicely written, they fail to discuss the benefits of traditional teaching, focusing only in the positives of feminism.

They believe feminism will foster growth during the education of lots of students. According to Ropers-Huilman, "[F]eminist teaching can provide alternate options for teachers and administrators as they seek to educate and encourage respectful communities grounded in difference" This misleads the reader and focuses the attention on feminism despite the fact that ignoring all other viewpoints. Bowers, Jane M. Coeyman, Barbara. College Music Society. Music with the Undergraduate Curriculum: A Reassessment.

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College Music Society: Cook, Susan C. Green, Lucy. Music, Gender, Education. University of Cambridge Push, Neuls-Bates, Carol. Judith Lang Zaimont. Greenwood Push, Ropers-Huilman, Becky. Feminist Teaching in Theory and Practice. New York. Teachers College Push, Banner, Lois. Orlando: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Kimball, Roger.

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