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Recent beta versions also indicate that WhatsApp is working new forwarding features as well.

There is no word on when the WhatsApp Dark Mode will make its way to the stable version. The tipster notes that WhatsApp has implemented the Dark Mode in Settings only, and the screenshots show the new mode applied in notifications settings, data and storage settings, chats settings, and even account settings. Dark Mode has been a work in progress since last year. In WhatsApp for Android version 2. Forwarding Info will allow users to get more details about a forwarded message. It will let the user know how many times the message has been forwarded.

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Frequently Forwarded, on the other hand, is a label that will show up if one message has been forwarded more than four times. We discussed what WhatsApp absolutely needs to do in , on Orbital , our weekly technology podcast, which you can subscribe to via Apple Podcasts or RSS , download the episode , or just hit the play button below. For the latest tech news and reviews , follow Gadgets on Twitter , Facebook , and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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WhatsApp for Android Dark Mode was spotted in beta version 2. The main talking point of this update will likely be the Companion system.

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Companions are pets that accompany you into the battle for reasons best known to them. The companion has levels up to 7, with each level needing 10, XP to upgrade and unlocking more animations.

The companion flies away when you are prone, and it thankfully is not visible to other players outside of your team, so it does not affect gameplay. The animations are jittery and buggy, but that can be attributed to the Beta nature of the feature. You can also disable the companion feature by unequipping it, in case you find a bird sitting on your shoulder distracting while you spray AK47 bullets at virtual enemies.

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Since these companions do not offer any advantage, are optional, and can be disabled, I am not judging the feature harshly. First up, the original Resident Evil: Survive Till Dawn zombie mode is now seeing the addition of some more weapons and characters. We now have a rocket launcher in the form of the RPG I did not encounter the RPG anywhere, but I had the unfortunate pleasure of being one-shot killed by one. The weapon appears to be overpowered in damage but may compensate with a short-medium range , and comes with 6 rockets and iron sights.

But since RPG-7 is restricted to the Zombie modes, it will not affect gameplay in the standard modes.

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Other new weapons include an explosive crossbow, which shoots arrows that explode on impact, a liquid nitrogen mine, which is a throwable that will slow down the targets within a certain range of the mine, and a new jungle mag attachment. The jungle mag attachment is like a double extended magazine that loads in 60 bullets instead of the standard 30 mag.

This mode drops you to a random spot on the Erangel map. You then have to survive other players and zombies until the extraction crew arrives. There might be more options available for the other zoom levels when this feature goes over to Stable.

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The Hip-fire crosshair also has more colors to choose from. You can now also spectate friends from the lobby itself, and there is an option to disable this feature.

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The Quick Chat panel is seeing a rework that both, makes it easier to issue commands, and hides a good part of the display. I could not get the feature to work in-game, so it remains to be seen if it is a practical improvement for gameplay. The Portable Closet is also seeing a similar rework. The Beta version can be installed alongside the stable release.